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wow Just amazing offer for all parrot lovers, Now you can buy 6 yes you really gonna buy 6 Australian birds with crusted blood line in just 2200 from one of the Lahore bird seller. Visit their online Facebook store for more information Animals lovers. Are birds are healthy and fit and also ready to bred their first generation in this coming season, Its more beneficial for all of you to buy these birds in very cheap rate. They can increase the beauty of your house and gives you a real feelings of nature.

6 Australian parrots in just 2200 Location Lahore ......Age 6 months. contact on this number 03314581860
Fisher Birds The Fischer's lovebird has a green back, chest, and wings. Their necks are a golden yellow and as it progresses upward it becomes darker orange. The top of the head is olive green, and the beak is bright red. The upper surface of the tail has some purple or blue feathers. It has a white circle of bare skin (eye ring) around its eyes. Young birds are very similar to the adults, except for the fact that they are duller and the base of their mandible has brown markings. They are one of the smaller lovebirds, about 14 cm (5.5 in) in length and 43-58 gram weight. While most Fischer's lovebirds are green, several color variations have been bred. The blue variation is predominant;

Lacking yellow, it has a bright blue back, tail, and chest, a white neck, a pale grey head and a pale pink beak. This mutation was first bred by R. Horsehair in South Africa in 1957, and two years later it was bred by Dr. F. Warlord in San Francisco. V There is a yellow mutation, which first ap…
5 Crust Round split Australian Birds 3 month old

    5 round split Australian 3 months old.5 Birds available age almost 3 months, healthy and very active home bread. 2 in white and blue color and 3 are in yellow color. 3 of them have crust on their head as their parents have and 2 without crust but may be able to produced crusted kids in future. Location Lahore Ichra. Price is 1800 for 5 and  per piece 350. Contact 03314581860.

parakeet(Australian Bugri) Parrots Way Of Living under Human careParakeets are one of the parrots who live happily under the care of humans and they growth with the interaction of humans. Today of the People caught them Just because of their sweet sound that come from their mouth when they hustle in their mod.